5 Days Kolkata Holiday Package

4 NIGHTS / 5 DAYS IN Kolkata

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Kolkata Tour

General Information

Kolkata a city of knowledge welcomes you. How many days you think to spend in Kolkata we are sure about it that the tour will be incomplete. Because it is impossible to know about Kolkata in a few days like 5 or 10. But we recommend to stay a minimum 5 days to visit the most famous and desired place by any one. In these 5 days you going to visit Dakkhineswar Kali Temple , Belur Moth , Birla Planetarium, Science city, Victoria House, Kalighat Kali Temple and what’s more. Yes there is something more. The Metro station, Salt lake city, the beauty of 2nd Rabindra setu, The Famous Howrah Bridge, and more if time give us these opportunity. If you are one of these places you can’t leave within few hours. If you are in Dakkhineswar or Belur Moth you will stay there by hours to hours. If you are in Victoria house or in Birla planetarium then you can’t imagine by how the time passed on. In the evening the view of 2nd Rabindra setu, Howrah bridge you will be in the imagination world. In Victoria House you will be needed more time only to see the art. If you are thinking to visit Kolkata we are sure a good trips, a good memory is waiting for you. Just you have to make the payment we will prepare the tour, the good experience.


It’s a good decision to visit Kolkata to know more about this beautiful town. You can visit this place anytime. But we will recommend visiting especially in winter. The weather is cool enough to stay at comfortably. Every place is covered with seasonable flower, the sight location covered by the green trees. If you are a food lovers person then in these time the fresh vegetables will make you the most happy. Too many types of green vegetable are available in the market. But it does not mean that other time they are not available in the market. You can take the taste of green and vegetable any time. In winter the weather is too comfortable that you can make the tour for the whole day. From 25th December to 1st January there is a picnic image to the people. But you can plan your tour any time in the year.


If you are thinking for your tour to Kolkata in the summer then you must carry one umbrella to rescue from the scorching heat. Don’t forget to carry glass to protect your eye, hand protector. If you are thinking to make the tour in puja vacation takes enough of glucose with you. The most famous Puja pandal will attract you the high. You can’t make any decision which Puja Pandal you may leave to visit. If this is winter carry always warm clothes. Rest our executive will help you.

Day -1

On the most desirable tour to Kolkata our representative will meet you at the Howrah Station or Kolkata airport from where are you coming from. He/she will take you to the hotel Near Howrah Railway Station at the evening. After being refreshed you have to get your dinner and ready for the sleep.


On the 2nd day after breakfast you are now ready to see the beautiful town. First of all we will go to visit the Victoria House. Visiting, learning, knowing the place will take your time to launch. Just complete it and ready to visit Birla planetarium for the rest of the time. At the evening you are now on the hotel room.


On the 2nd day after breakfast you are now ready to see the beautiful town. First of all we will go to visit the Victoria House. Visiting, learning, knowing the place will take your time to launch. Just complete it and ready to visit Birla planetarium for the rest of the time. At the evening you are now on the hotel room.


After breakfast we will go for local sight scene. On this day we will visit to Kalighat, Indian museum, Metro station, and salt lake city centre. Completed it now at evening we will take you to the hotel to end up today’s tour. And you are ready for your dinner.


On this day we will go to enjoy the most two famous places Dakkhineswar Temple and the other place is Belur Moth. You can’t know by how the time passed on. If there will be more time we will experience the journey by stemmer, launch through the Ganga river from Howrah to many places.


Now we are on the Last day of this tour. Today we will visit the most famous New Market for your any types of marketing experience. Every day million of people from different places visiting this famous market place. After this marketing now it’s time to take your launch and time to say good bye Kolkata with a lots of experience, memory and a desired in heart to visit again.

Kolkata Tour
Kolkata Tour
Kolkata Tour
Kolkata Tour
Kolkata Tour
Kolkata Tour
Kolkata Tour
Kolkata Tour

Hotel Ashoka Overview

On this tour we will stay at the Ashoka Hotel. It is nearest to the Howrah station. The walking distance from the hotel to the railway station is just 5 minutes. If you want to go the Airport then many types of car is available 24 hours, like hire Taxi, desire, sumo, travellers, Omni, ac Taxi e.t.c. which you need. The room condition is very good at this hotel. Outside the hotel there has lots of hotel for your fooding. From the Hotel the beautiful Howrah Bridge is just 5 minutes in a walking distance. That’s mean the evening you can spend at this beautiful Bridge with your love ones or with your family. .



  • Credit cards accepte
  • Internet
  • Parking Facilities
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Medical Services


We know the value of your vacation. We know that what a tour meant for you. We know the value of this time. That’s why our packages is always the best choice for the travellers. If this tour is your family tour then we must say that our care to your children and the old aged persons you can’t think. When we create any packages we firstly think about the atmosphere with the time. In these packages you will get your breakfast, hotel charge and visiting charge of the mentioned place for visiting. If you need any extra facilities you can talk to our representative. He/ she will arrange the possible requirement. But remember you have to paid the cost by cash and instant mode.


On this page look at the below, you will see a book now option. Just click it and you will be at pay u money to make the payment. Just click to pay now and submit your details. Now you have all options to make the payment to successfully booking. After paying the said amount check you submitted e-mail id. You have the bill for the booking.

Just sit down and be relaxed. Within 24 hours our one representative will call you and the rest work is ours. You have to be prepared only to make enjoy. Our representative will call you as the time passed on and will help you to prepare your luggage through call, email. If you need more help then you can call us, whatsapp us your query or you can make a chat with our one representative through live chat from our website.


Though We Make The Whole Tour With The Maximum Need But Some Arrangment You Have To Do By Your Self. But Our Representative Will Help You To Arrange Everything. For This You Have To Pay At This Place The Direct Payment By Cash Mode. Here Is Some List Which You Have To Arrange.

  • Seasonable dress
  • Personal mobile bill
  • Food which is not on the menu card which was submitted by our representative at the beginning.
  • Extra and personal private car if you wish for booking.
  • Personal shopping charge.
  • Drink charge if you wish to get and if it get permission by the hotel owner.
  • AC on the hotel room if required.
  • Wi-Fi in the hotel room.
  • Extra bed in the room.
  • You have to book any packages before two months for the said prices. Price and hotel will be different by the arability.
  • Package rate will increase if it get booking before two month and if the hotel prices is high than before.
Payment Policy

Travel teacher have some fixed policy. Payment policy is one of them. We are not getting any booking through offline at any time.. we are getting booking only through our website. If a travellers want to booking our any packages he / she has to visit our website and after choosing any packages he / she has to click the book now option and he / she can make pay now by Net banking / credit card / debit card. After booking successfully he / she will get the bill in his / her submitted e-mail id. The price of the packages he / she will see at the top of the package submitted. And at the time of booking he / she will know the price. There will be two types of price. 1. The total amount of the packages or 2. The advance booking price of the packages. If the packages are from us we will get the full price and if the packages are submitted by our partner’s agencies then we will get only the advance booking price. It will be 999/ persons if the total cost is up to 7000. We will get 1499 if the total price is up to from 7001 to 19999. Bigger than 19999 we will get only 19999 up to 99999/ person. And the maximum if the total package cost is bigger than 99999 / person we will get 4999 Per person. If the packages is belongs to our partners agency then will take those advances.

Cancellation Policy

We have a nice and the maximum easy cancellation policy. First of all you can make cancle any packages or any tour agency booking by you at any time before the tour. But the return of money will be different. It will be according to cancle time. You have to make booking any packages or any tour agencies before minimum two month. And you have to make cancle this before one month for getting 80 % of money back. If you are cancelling the booking before 20 days you will get 50 % of the money. If you are cancelling the booking before 15 days you will get only 20 % of the money. And if the days is before 10 days there will be no refund.

If You Have Any Questions


Thank you very much for choose us for your next tour to Kolkata. From a thousand of packages submitted by Travelteacher.net Kolkata is one of the most famous and perfect place to spend your vacation with your friend , colleague , family. You should be 1(one) or 1000(thousand) it’s possible for us to make your tour a grand success.

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Just relax and Within 24 Hours our one executive will call at your number and get ready for the trips. Rest what to do our executive will be with you by telephone, Whatsapp to guide you by step by step.


After when you get successful booking for yourself then try multiple booking as same process but with your single documents. You can submit your account details for how many you want to book. For every booking you will get bill for every individual. When our executive make call to you then you have to inform about your persons number details. When our executive checked that multiple booking from a single account he / she will make discussion about all the details. After booking you have to just relax. Our executive will do the rest what needed.


One single word for you after booking that JUST RELAX . Our executive will do the every work what will be needed during the tour. Our one executive will contact to you by Call, Whatsapp or through Mail. He / she will submit the entire itinerary for the tour and we are confirm that like our others customers you will be also happy by our service. But if you are not getting satisfied or being confused then you can contact us any time. We are open for 24 hours in a day. Our Whatsapp number is +918145296196, our e-mail id – help[at]travelteacher.net , or you can make direct chat to our executive through our live chat option from our website.