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General Information

A place which may known for its beauty about Terra Cotta. Bishnupur in the district of Bankura , West Bengal . According to history and Folk-tale in the time of “ Mallo Kingdom “ When they take initiation by “ Boisnab Religion “ they became great admirer of God Bishnu . Then They naming their kingdom “ Bishnupur “ . Terracotta” is a Latin word probably Italian. Terra means Clay , and Cotta means Dry Coating ; Totally It indicate Baked clay work. In Bishnupur you can fell the religion atmosphere overall.


Bishnupur is also famous for different types of fair for all over the year. Anyone can make plane to visit on specially this time. First of all one of the famous fair its called “ GAJON FAIR OF LORD SHIV “ This fair is conducted every year at 14th april. Another one is “ RATH YATRA” every year at the time of june-july this fair is happening. But remember the “ BACK RATH YATRA” IS MORE FAMOUS THAN THE MAIN RATH YATRA. And last one from many “ the bishnupur fair” happening every year on the month of December. In this fair you can see the combination of music, literature and art by the government of west Bengal.


FOR VISITING THE MOST FAMOUS Terra Cotta place Bishnupur you have to carry some equipment which may be necessity . but it’s may very different types according to your visiting times. If your visiting time is in the time of summer season then you must carry water bottle along with you all time. Because the temperature is very high at that time. Similarly if your visiting time is in the winter you must have to carry winter dresses. Because the temperature in the winter is going to very low comparable to Kolkata. You must have to carry your Identity prof of Nationality to make book the Hotel rooms.


To visit Bishnupur you can make plan by two ways. One is by Train and the other is by Private car. If you are thinking about Train you have to make reservation before two months minimum. And also its depend on the seat avalibility. If you are thinking about the tour by Private car then you can make it at any day. From Kolkata to Bishnupur it is by road almost 140 k.m. and its can take nearly 5 hours from Kolkata. So you have to leave Kolkata at early at possible. You can also reach Bishnupur by Public bus. From Dharmatola to Bishnupur you can get Public bus service also. The first thing you have to do arrive there is that booking of any hotel rooms. The average rate of the good hotel is 1500-4500 per night. West Bengal Government has also tourist Lodge there with very good of service and food quality. You can also make book it.

Day -1

From Howrah station at very early morning we get our seat in Rupashi Bangla Train. Have some Tea and snacks. At nearly about 11 a.m we will reach at Bishnupur Station. We will reach at our booked Hotel and get refreshed. Our representative will served the Break first for you. After completed it we will first visit the most famous “ RASMANCHA” . Nearly about in the year of 1600 the MolloKing “ BIRHAMBI “ Established it. We have to make ticket there at the price of 15/ person to Visit the temple along with 2 more temple ticket price was in it included. If you want to make Videography you have to pay more 50 rupes for it. After spending some time there our representative will take you to make your launch. And you will take some rest of 15-20 minitu. Then our representative will take you to visit “ MADANMOHAN TEMPLE “ . at the evening time you can visit the temple of “ CHINNAMASTA TEMPLE “ and will take back to your hotel for dinner.


After break first we will visit first at “ SHYAMRAY TEMPLE “ Established by Molloking “ RAGHNATH SINGHA” in the year of 1643. You can see the best work of Terra Cotta at this temple. After it we will visit accordingly MRINMOYEE TEMPLE,GUMGARH ,JOR BANGLA TEMPLE , RADHASHYAM TEMPLE, RADHA LALJIU TEMPLE , and be ready for launch. After getting some rest now our representative will take you to visit “ MAIN GATEWAY” which was made by stone, SMALL GATEWAY,STONE CHARIOT,MUSEUM, AND THE LAST ONE DALMADAL CANON. not its time for dinner. On the next day at 9 A.M after break first we will leave the hotel and ready to visit the local market. After launch we are now ready to make by by Bishnupur.


Hotel Heritage Overview

On the tour to Bishnupur you have to stay minimum 3 days to visit the main Terra Cotta art. And We suggest you to stay those night in the most famous and beautiful green area covered all over to the Banalata Resort. It stated before the most famous Jaypur jungle from Arambag side and after the Jaypur jungle from Bishnupue side . you can think this most famous resort for your entire tour. You can book this resort to visit there. It accepted all payments types. The Resort out side is full with seasonal flowers and green trees all over. The most important things that if you are looking for visit Bishnupur and also the most famous Kamarpur and Joyrambati then this is the middle point of all these places. There have lots of place for parking car if you are visiting this entire tour in a private car. In Banalata resort there you can enjoy the different types of delicious food. In the resort ground there has fooding system also. For nature lovers persons Banalata resort will be the best choice. The fare of the resort is between 2000 to 5000 depends on availability. But we suggest make the booking before your tour start.



  • Credit cards accepte
  • Internet
  • Parking Facilities
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Medical Services


On this entire tour we give you a full time tourist guide to make your tour memorable. From Kolkata to Kolkata he / she will be all time with you to help you. We make design this tour detracts that you will enjoy the most. We know very much what a travelers should ask in his / her entire tour. If this is a Summer hot season we will arrange enough of drinking water. 5 litter per persons. In this time you will be presented light food for your dinner and break first. Lemon tea will be available for 4 to 5 times. On this tour time if you need any extra private car our executive will arrange it but you have to pay the cost. On this tour if you ever need any doctor our executive will arrange this but you have to pay the cost.Our executive will arrange your social need if it is available on this premises. But if the need is not on our list then you have to pay the cost.


We have fixed policy for our any package booking. Travel Teacher is the platform of too many Tour agencies. In our website you can see packages by too many different tour agencies. And we have our own packages too. For booking any packages you have to visit our website only. We are getting booking of any packages which are on our website by only our website booking system. We are not responsible to complete any tour packages which are not making booking from our websites. The prices of any packages you can see in the package details page and you can also see the advance price of booking of these packages. After making confirmation that you are going to make book that particular package you have to click on the book now button. Then you have to make pay for this packages by Net banking or credit or debit card. After booking successfully you will get the bill for booking in your submitted email id. After booking our any executive will make a call to you and will confirmed about the booking. If the packages are submitted by our any partners tour agency then your booking details will be submitted to them and our executive will call you and must inform you about the tour agency and the booking. If you want to change the agency our executive will arrange this. This system is available for every individual package.


Though We Make The Whole Tour With The Maximum Need But Some Arrangment You Have To Do By Your Self. But Our Representative Will Help You To Arrange Everything. For This You Have To Pay At This Place The Direct Payment By Cash Mode. Here Is Some List Which You Have To Arrange.

  • Seasonable dress
  • Personal mobile bill
  • Food which is not on the menu card which was submitted by our representative at the beginning.
  • Extra and personal private car if you wish for booking.
  • Personal shopping charge.
  • Drink charge if you wish to get and if it get permission by the hotel owner.
  • AC on the hotel room if required.
  • Wi-Fi in the hotel room.
  • Extra bed in the room.
  • You have to book any packages before two months for the said prices. Price and hotel will be different by the arability.
  • Package rate will increase if it get booking before two month and if the hotel prices is high than before.
Payment Policy

Travel teacher have some fixed policy. Payment policy is one of them. We are not getting any booking through offline at any time.. we are getting booking only through our website. If a travellers want to booking our any packages he / she has to visit our website and after choosing any packages he / she has to click the book now option and he / she can make pay now by Net banking / credit card / debit card. After booking successfully he / she will get the bill in his / her submitted e-mail id. The price of the packages he / she will see at the top of the package submitted. And at the time of booking he / she will know the price. There will be two types of price. 1. The total amount of the packages or 2. The advance booking price of the packages. If the packages are from us we will get the full price and if the packages are submitted by our partner’s agencies then we will get only the advance booking price. It will be 999/ persons if the total cost is up to 7000. We will get 1499 if the total price is up to from 7001 to 19999. Bigger than 19999 we will get only 19999 up to 99999/ person. And the maximum if the total package cost is bigger than 99999 / person we will get 4999 Per person. If the packages is belongs to our partners agency then will take those advances.

Cancellation Policy

We have a nice and the maximum easy cancellation policy. First of all you can make cancle any packages or any tour agency booking by you at any time before the tour. But the return of money will be different. It will be according to cancle time. You have to make booking any packages or any tour agencies before minimum two month. And you have to make cancle this before one month for getting 80 % of money back. If you are cancelling the booking before 20 days you will get 50 % of the money. If you are cancelling the booking before 15 days you will get only 20 % of the money. And if the days is before 10 days there will be no refund.

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Thank you very much for choose us for your next tour to Bishnupur. From a thousand of packages submitted by Travelteacher.net Bishnupur is one of the most famous and perfect place to spend your vacation with your friend , colleague , family. You should be 1(one) or 1000(thousand) it’s possible for us to make your tour a grand success.

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