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What is Advance Payment option and what all packages can be booked using this product ?

As the name suggest, Advance payment option allows you to book your packages or agency by paying an initial fixed booking amount depending upon your desired packages value. After booked using the advance payment option, you will have to make the rest of the payment only to the package supplier or to the agency you are looking for.

How to cancel a booking?

In case of cancellation of a booking you have to contact with the package supplier. If the package submitted by TRAVEL TEACHER customer has to make an application before 30 days. If the application made before 20 days customer will get 50% of the paid amount. If the customer make this application before 10 days customer will get only 20%. Less than 10 days no money will be returned.

How do I contact with TRAVEL TEACHER Team when facing any problem in a tour ?

We, at TRAVELTEACHER get booked for two types of tour. 1) We have arrange these tour. 2)we are advertising our partner tour. On our tour one of our direct agents will be with you for 24 hours to help you. He/she will take care of you / your family at any problem. Though you have a guide, if you are facing any problem and you are thinking that the guide is not helping you, you can contact us any time by this process. You can Whatsapp us at +918145296196 or you can Mail us at

How to change any agency after booking other?

You can make a change only once after a booking before 10 days. But there will be no confirmation to get free other agency. If there is any other agency available TRAVEL TEACHER will arrange them.

How to get other facilities which is not on the list?

In a tour we arrange the average need of any travelers according to the weather and local situation or local climate. If you need any extra requirement you have to make a written note to the event manager or your tour guide with details. The tour guide can make the changes if possible and can charge you extra payments. You have to pay before ending the tour. Otherwise the tour guide can make a complaint against you and TRAVELTEACHER or the tour Package publisher has the full right to take any legal action according to Indian Law against you.